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Pay for the Quality, Not the Packaging.

Innovation doesn’t end

SAFE-TECH is dedicated to leading the way in providing fire and safety solutions for the UK market, such as fireproof document bags and lithium battery bags, which have been approved by the NHS.
Yet, we continuously make a positive impact on enhancing fire safety standards across the UK.

Leave the headache to us

CDSS stands for Consumer Direct Support Service. We understand that offering technology advice to end consumers can be challenging sometimes, especially with numerous brands available through trade and distributors.
However, after studying industry cases, we take pride in our ability to provide direct service to consumers, offering tech support and even replacing faulty products as needed.

Be your ultimate partner.

With our established partnerships with numerous respected national electrical distributors in the UK, we have acquired extensive experience in providing professional services.
This includes offering comprehensive training, tailored marketing support, credit accounts, and other business terms options to meet our partner’s needs.

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