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Smart Hestia
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Hestia Security
Hestia 7.0" Control Panel Bundle, HS-700-BUN
Hestia 7.0" Control Panel, HS-700-ACP
Hestia Smart Cube & Gateway Bundle, HS-01-SCU
Hestia Wireless Keypad, HS-01-WKP
Hestia Security Fob, HS-01-SCD
User Manual, Datasheet
Hestia Remote Control, HS-01-RCL
Hestia SOS Button, HS-01-SOS
Hestia Doorbell Button, HS-01-DBB
Hestia Entry Sensor, HS-01-ESR
Hestia Shocking/Vibration Sensor, HS-01-SSR
Hestia Motion Sensor, HS-01-MSA
Hestia Solar Siren, HS-01-WSS
Hestia Main-Powered Siren, HS-01-OSM
Hestia Garage Door Sensor, HS-01-SDS
Hestia Signal Extender, HS-01-SER
Hestia Water Leakage Detector, HS-01-WLD
Hestia Gas Detector, HS-01-GDT
Coming Soon
Hestia Indoor Portable Siren, ST-100-PMS
User Manual, Datasheet
Hestia Hard Hearing SOS Band, ST-101-PHR
User Manual, Datasheet
Hestia Smart Tag Android / Apple, HS-101-PST
User Manual, Datasheet
Hestia Smart Watch, HS-101-PMW
User Manual, Datasheet
Hestia Temperature & Humidity Sensor, HS-101-PTH
User Manual, Datasheet
Hestia Compact Video Doorbell, HS-101-CCV
User Manual, Datasheet
Hestia HD Video Doorbell, HS-101-CDV
User Manual, Datasheet
Hestia Indoor Compact Camera, HS-101-CIC
User Manual, Datasheet
Hestia Indoor 360 Camera, HS-101-CRC
User Manual, Datasheet
Hestia Baby Monitor, HS-101-CBM
User Manual, Datasheet
Hestia Outdoor Compact Camera, HS-101-COC
User Manual, Datasheet
Hestia Outdoor 360 Camera, HS-101-CRO
User Manual, Datasheet
Hestia 2 in 1 Floodlight & Camera, HS-101-CXV
User Manual, Datasheet
Hestia Solar Panel for Cameras, HS-101-SPN
User Manual, Datasheet
Battery Interlinked
SAFE-TECH Interlinked Heat Alarm, ST-210-HIT
SAFE-TECH Interlinked Heat Alarm, AJ-718i
SAFE-TECH Interlinked Smoke Alarm, AJ-762i
SAFE-TECH Interlinked Smoke Alarm, AJ-763i
SAFE-TECH Interlinked CO Detector, AJ-833Si
SAFE-TECH Wireless Remote Control, AJ-R1062
User Manual, Datasheet
SAFE-TECH 3 IN 1 Smoke, Heat and CO Alarm, ST-110-XIT
Vape Detectors
Mains Powered Smart Vape Detector, ST-1.3-VMI
Mains Powered Multi-Function Vape Detector, ST-1.3-VXI
Main-powered Interlinked
SAFE-TECH Mains Powered Interlinked Smoke Alarm, ST-110-SMI
SAFE-TECH Mains Powered Interlinked Heat Alarm, ST-110-HMI
SAFE-TECH Mains Powered Multi Sensor Alarm, ST-110-XMI
Stand Alone Alarms
SAFE-TECH Standalone Smoke Detector, ST-110-SSA
SAFE-TECH Standalone Smoke Detector, ST-101-SSA
SAFE-TECH Standalone Carbon Monoxide Detector, ST-110-CSA
Fire Blankets, Fire Pit Mats
SAFE-TECH Fire-Blanket Soft-Pack, ST-111-FBS +
SAFE-TECH Fire-Blanket Hard-Pack, ST-111-FBH +
Fire-Pit Mat, ST-124-FPF +
User Manual, Datasheet
Heavy Duty Fire-Pit Mat, ST-124-FPH +
User Manual, Datasheet
Health and Safety
First Aid Kit for Motor Vehicle and Outdoor, ST-100-FAM
User Manual, Datasheet
First Aid Kit for Motor Vehicle and Outdoor, ST-100-FAW
User Manual, Datasheet
SAFE-TECH Personal Safety Alarm: ST-01-PSA
User Manual, Datasheet
'+' - Products with variations and more than one SKU
Coming Soon
SAFE-TECH Fire Resistant Floor Mat, ST-124-FMS+
User Manual, Datasheet
SAFE-TECH Welding Blanket, ST-144-WBS +
User Manual, Datasheet
SAFE-TECH UPGRADED High-Quality Lithium Battery Bag, ST-214-LBS
User Manual, Datasheet
SAFE-TECH Fire Resistant Bag For Fire Safety Documents, : ST-100-FDB+
User Manual, Datasheet
SAFE-TECH Fire Proof Fire Document Holder, Fire Proof Bag, ST-115-DBS
User Manual, Datasheet
SAFE-TECH Fire Safety Logbook, ST-100-FSL
User Manual, Datasheet

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Wireless Interlinked Alarms with 10 years tamper-proof battery

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